Executive Screening

Corporations, law and governmental organizations and agencies face increasing criminal threats within their own organizations.   A company is only as secure as the integrity and trustworthiness among its employees.

External cybersecurity threats are not the only source of concern.

Anti-social traits and behaviors found in criminals are also found among corporate and organizational executives and employees.  Stealing from employers, spying, fraud, lying, engaging in insubordination, sabotage, exploitation, and creating serious divisiveness among employees are forms of antisocial behavior.  These individuals utilize their pathology toward drive and ambition and the quest for dominance, power, money, exploitation or for the sole quest of belonging to an outside subversive or criminal ‘community’ for whom they may be working.

One study claims financial losses from white collar crimes to be between $300-$600 billion per year.* Typically, white collar criminals fly under the radar because they are adroit at social skills, have developed finely tuned manipulation techniques and overtly have functioning interpersonal relationships; they are charming and likable.  They also read people and situations very well.

Outsourcing to hiring firms are not always enough.

Human Resource Personnel are sophisticated in screening candidates for a positive fit in their organization.  As an additional measure, companies outsource to pre-employment hiring firms that evaluate whether or not a candidate has the necessary skills, focus and personality to perform a job.  On-line or brick and mortar companies screen for all kinds of aptitudes, cognitive and behavioral strengths and personality traits. Candidate risk factors, so called ‘red flags,’  like underlying personality traits and behavioral characteristics which may be antithetical to corporate policies are not typically screened for by these hiring firms.  Rather, they focus on the positive traits a candidate can bring to the company.  The ‘tests’ these firms administer to candidates are created ‘in house,’ and are not standardized or meet sophisticated psychometric properties. The validity and reliability of their tests are based on comparing one test they created to another test they also created.

Typically, HR personnel and outsourced hiring firms are not trained in psychological forensic assessment and are not looking for or able to determine ‘red flags’ which signal serious personality flaws and negative behaviors.

Research has revealed that behavioral and trait based commonalities among persons with anti-social behavior include:  impulsivity, lack of guilt, rule breaking, impairment in inhibitory functions and deficits in executive function like planning and judgment.

Adding an extra layer in the hiring process can be invaluable.

Dr. Scheel can provide:

1. Appraisal and Assessment:

Corporations and organizations are aware of internal risks, however, often do not protect themselves from the originators of the real threats, the people they hire. Focus remains on technological and cost saving measures in hiring versus investment in candidate long term potential. Corporations and organizations can be better equipped to determine and assess appropriate candidates.Options: Dr. Scheel can provide a well round appraisal of potential candidates through an  in-depth face to face evaluation and follow-up face to face assessments over a one to three month period.

2. Training:

Pre-employment hiring firms rely on inadequate methods to screen candidates in general and are ill-equipped to assess for criminality.  Being adventuresome and uninhibited is not necessarily a “positive” trait and may be linked to impulsivity.  Charisma may be linked to aggression or narcissism.Option:  Dr. Scheel can provide training for executives and HR who are responsible for hiring.  I.e. Traits which appear to be beneficial to the organization may really be ‘red flags.’


There are often no sophisticated test measures taken to ferret out negative personality traits and behaviors or the potential for criminality in the ‘white collar’ world.  This oversight can have deleterious effects if the applicant is hired because the applicant was deemed strong ‘enough’ or strong in ‘enough’ areas to warrant the position.  ‘Positive traits might be influential enough to overrule/overlook the ‘negative’ traits or be misinterpreted; charisma is not necessarily positive.  One study on anti-social behavior revealed that psychopathy was positively associated with in-house ratings of charisma/presentation style which includes creativity, good strategic thinking and communication skills, but negatively associated with ratings of responsibility/performance which includes being a team player, management skills and overall accomplishments.

Option:  Dr. Scheel works in conjunction with a Licensed Neuro-psychologist who can administer sophisticated psychological tests (instruments,) specifically geared toward Personality, Intellectual and Cognitive Functioning.  Dr. Scheel is well versed in these tests and integrates the findings and results in to a comprehensive understanding and reporting on potential hires.