Understanding motivation and emotions,
Changing Behavior,
Strengthening Relationships,


Understanding motivation, and integrating knowledge and awareness in to decisions and choices made in life define my practice.  Dr. Scheel has been treating individuals, couples and families for more than twenty years and am expertly trained in general mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, relationship and intimacy issues.

Dr. Scheel specializes in the treatment of eating disorders and related issues like trauma and self harm behaviors.   Mutual respect, empathy and trust are the cornerstones of healthy relationships and define eating disorder recovery.  To this end, utilizing the therapeutic relationship for repair of damaged family and interpersonal relationships is paramount.    There are many factors, that contribute to the development of an eating disorder.  An in depth understanding about biology, psychology and interpersonal theories in eating disorders is necessary in choosing the right path for each patient individually.  Read More »

Dr. Scheel's Practice

Individual, couples and family treatment are available on a very limited basis in Boone, North Carolina and  Mt. Kisco (Westchester County,) New York.
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DOCUMENTARY - Personas:  Identities of an Eating Disorder

Personas offers an alternative by weaving together how eating disorders emerge and the many reasons why they are difficult to give up by the sufferer and are challenging and require an expert and creative practitioner to treat.  
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When Food is Family

Dr. Scheel's book has contributed to the way that professionals look at eating disorders, as well as strategies for successful recovery. 
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Individual, Couples & Family Therapy

Dr. Scheel maintains a general practice and treat many psychological conditions like anxiety and depression and family and relationship issues.  She specializes in the treatment of eating disorders, trauma and self-harm behaviors.

Media & Publicity

Dr. Scheel speaks nationally on eating disorders and has been interviewed on local and regional radio news shows.  Her articles have appeared in national and online publications.

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