Media & Publicity 


Dr. Scheel is considered an expert in the field of eating disorders.  Her book, “When Food is Family:  A loving guide to heal eating disorders,” has made a significant contribution in helping families and patients together recover from an eating disorder.   

She speaks nationally on eating disorders and has been interviewed on local and regional radio news shows.  Her articles have appeared in national and online publications.

She has appeared on local and national television including:

  • The View

Currently, she is promoting the release of her Documentary:

PERSONAS:  Identities of an Eating Disorder available for streaming or purchase on

Dr. Scheel is available to media outlets for in person, telephone, internet and written interviews.

In addition to her regular Blog postings since 2011 with, Dr. Scheel has recently written on-line articles for:

National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA):

“Manifestations of Trauma:  The relationship between PTSD and eating disorders
“Experts share life changing tips and strategies to stop binge eating”

Recent past articles include:

  • Addiction Professional Magazine
  • “Motivation in the Treatment of Eating Disorders”


Dr. Scheel has presented at National and Regional Conferences including:

Renfrew - Philadelphia, PA  - Workshop Presenter at Annual Conferences (2008 & 2012) 

NEDA - Chicago, Il - October 2017  - Dr. Scheel provided the Plenary Presentation