Workshops, Seminars, and Lectures


Educating the mental health, healthcare, educational and other professional communities continues to be Dr. Scheel’s focus and interests. Dr. Scheel is available for speaking and providing workshops and training to:

  • Mental health professionals at all levels of training and expertise.
  • Other health care providers wanting to understand the etiology of eating disorders and how to speak to their patients and families.
  • University faculty wanting a seasoned lecturer to teach a class on eating disorders.
  • High school counseling, coaching, and academic staff wanting to know how to support and actively help a student who may have an eating disorder.
  • The general public for cursory education and to dispel common myths related to eating disorders.
  • Browse some of Judy’s past and upcoming seminars, workshops, and lectures at the bottom of this page.

Seminars and Workshops for Mental Health Professionals

A Deeper Understanding of Etiology and Treatment of Eating Disorders for the Mental Health Care Provider

Designed for those who have some familiarity with understanding and treating patients with eating disorders. Contemporary psychological theories will be discussed and current treatment modalities. Clinical case material will be provided to demonstrate integration of theory and practice.

The goals of the workshop for professionals include:

  • Current eating disorder theoretical and treatment modalities
  • Current Research
  • Medical issues associated with eating disorders
  • Levels of Eating Disorder Care
  • How to assess a patient for the appropriate level of care to support optimal recovery
  • Making appropriate referrals and working as a team, especially for the private practitioner
  • The treatment relationship:  Patient and Therapist

Seminars and Workshops for Health Care Providers

Designed to help your patients with eating disorders, these seminars and workshops focus on the psychological framework for health care providers in treating the medical sequale.

The goals of workshops for health care providers include:

  • Overview of etiology of eating disorders.
  • Current Research How to work with patients: Kind and firm bedside manner.
  • How to work as a team with other providers.
  • When to refer to specialists and treatment options for higher levels of care.

Samples of Seminars, Workshops and Lectures for Health Care Providers

  • Etiologies of Eating Disorders – From Freud to Genes.
  • Current Research in the Treatment of Eating Disorders.
  • How to communicate effectively with patients with eating disorders and their families:  A Guide for Physicians and other non-mental health care providers.
  • Team Approach in the Treatment of Eating Disorders:  Who are the Players & What are their roles.
  • Levels of Care in the Treatment of Eating Disorders.

Seminars and Workshops for University Faculty

As a college adjunct professor, Dr. Scheel can instruct a one semester course for undergraduate psychology students: The Psychology of Eating and Eating Disorders.

Seminars for School Personnel: Counseling Staff and Coaches

Dr. Scheel provides much-needed seminars to high school counseling, coaching, and academic staff wanting to know how to support and actively help a student who may have an eating disorder.

Samples of Seminars, Workshops and Lectures for school personnel include:

  • Understanding eating disorders: Overview of what contributes to cause.
  • What to do when you suspect a student has an eating disorder.
  • Talking with Student and family.
  • How to make referrals.

Community Based Lectures for the General Public

In addition to professionals and providers, Dr. Scheel provides outreach seminars helping to educate and dispel the stigma & stereotypes of those with eating disorders through community-based lectures to the general public.

  • Some example lecture topics include:
  • Understanding Eating Disorders
  • Effective Treatments for Eating Disorders
  • How to Find Help – Seeking Specialists
  • Levels of Care and What to Do