Personas: Identities of an Eating Disorder

Personas PosterPersonas explores the many factors contributing to Eating Disorders.

A stellar cast of international leading clinical and research experts, model and TV personality, EMME, eating disorder sufferers, and people on the street, share their knowledge and perspectives regarding cause, recovery and living in a culture with a narrowly defined standard of beauty.

Documentaries tend to sensationalize eating disorders and focus on symptoms through graphic depictions, sometimes exploitive portrayals of sufferers or contain false or misleading information regarding what causes eating disorders.

Personas offers an alternative by weaving together how eating disorders emerge and the many reasons why they are difficult to give up by the sufferer and difficult for the practitioner to treat.

The creation of Personas was fueled by the dissatisfaction with current documentaries and the media portrayal of eating disorders and those who suffer with them. There are very few, if any, documentaries that weave together answers from the experts in response to questions raised by people interviewed in the US and abroad who have been impacted in a variety of ways by eating disorders  Personas offers these perspectives.

Production Year: 2017
Length of film:  1 hour
Presented By:  Cedar Associates Foundation, Inc.
Executive Producer: Judy Scheel, Ph.D., LCSW, CEDS


  • Kathryn Zerbe, MD
  • Clinical Professor, Oregon Health and Science University
  • Author:  The Body Betrayed and Integrated Treatment of Eating Disorders Training Psychoanalyst, American Psychoanalytic Association
  • Michael Strober, PhD
  • Renick Endowed Chair in Eating Disorders
  • Professor of Psychiatry & Bio behavioral Sciences
  • Director, Eating Disorders Program
  • Senior Consultant, Pediatric Affective Disorders Program
  • Stewart & Lynda Resnick Neuropsychiatric Hospital at UCLA
  • David Geffen School of Medicine
  • University of California,  Los Angeles
  • Douglas W. Bunnell Ph.D., FAED, CEDS
  • National Clinical Development Officer
  • Monte Nido & Affiliates
  • EMME: Mom, supermodel & social shape shifter @EmmeNation

Cedar Associates Foundation, Inc. – NY

PERSONAS:  Identifies of an Eating Disorder  is being produced through Cedar Associates Foundation, Inc., (CAF)  a not-for-profit (501c3) organization created in 1998 for education, research and prevention of eating disorders.

A few of the programs that Cedar Associates Foundation, Inc. produced include:


  • Nationally distributed educational video with teaching manual (grades 8-12)  Produced by Human Relations Media and Judy Scheel


  • Conference on Eating Disorders
  • Eating Disorder Town Hall Meeting: Clinical Updates, Research, Public Policy, Education & Prevention (Purchase College, NY)


  • Clinical Conference for Greater New York Mental Health and Health Care Professionals
  • Etiologies of Eating Disorders:  A Deeper Understanding of Cause & Treatment (White Plains, NY)


July 22, 2016  full-day conference with internationally known speakers and researchers for mental health professionals in the south

Title of Conference:  Disordered Attachment and Disordered Behavior: Eating Disorders and Addictions – Sex. Self-harm and Substance Use

CONTRIBUTIONS:  If you would like to make a tax free donation to Cedar Associates Foundation for future programs or if you have an eating disorder program in mind that you would like to fund through CAF, please contact Dr. Scheel by using the form below.