Patient Information


Dr. Scheel can be contacted by emailing her at

She can also be reached by telephone at 914 602-2557 or 828 380-1639, however, email contact is preferred.

First Contact

During a brief telephone conversation with you, Dr. Scheel can answer your questions and to see if you think she can be a good fit for you.

Your First Visit

The most important aspect of therapy is the relationship between the patient(s) and therapist.  Though establishing trust takes time, it is essential that you are or will become comfortable to discuss your concerns openly. The goal of a therapeutic relationship is to maintain a safe environment where privacy, mutual respect, trust and therapeutic boundaries are implicit and maintained.

Prior to your first visit, the necessary medical and disclosure forms will be emailed to you via my HIPAA approved website, SimplePractice.  Kindly read them, fill them out, e-sign and email them back to me via SimplePractice portal..

Rates For Therapy

Rates vary with the amount of time set aside for evaluation and on-going treatment.  Rates are emailed or discussed over the telephone prior to meeting in person.  Many people have limited time in their very busy schedules, yet want to make a commitment to their treatment.  Sessions range from 45-60 minutes, and insurance will reimburse from 30-60 minutes.) Dr. Scheel reserves a small percentage of her time for treating individuals who have extenuating economic circumstances or are active military who require a modified fee.

Dr. Scheel does not participate in any exclusively managed care plans (HMOs,) however her fees are reimbursable if you have a PPO (out of network provision in your health insurance policy.)

Payment for an initial consultation is due at the time of consultation.  Once in established treatment, bills are provided on a monthly basis and payment is made by you in full to Dr. Scheel upon receipt of the bill.  Dr. Scheel sends invoices and Superbills for insurance reimbursement to you by the insurance company.

Dr. Scheel is licensed to practice in:

  • North Carolina: Lic #C008831
  • New York: Lic #R031229-1
  • California: Lic #LCSW88111