Sex Therapist

Why do individuals and couples see a Sex Therapist?

Individuals and Couples are increasingly stressed by work and the impact of culture and social media.  Loss of communication, intimacy and sexual issues, lack of joy, disappointments, and failed expectations contribute to disengagement and loss of attachment in relationships.

Sex is often used as a way to communicate struggles or other issues in life.  For example, the inability to achieve orgasm may be linked to unconscious guilt or cultural and familial shame about sex.

Sexless relationships often convey dissatisfaction, anger, or dysfunction in other aspects of the relationship.  Porn addiction may be linked to the quest for love or connection in the absence of the ability to form healthy relationships.  Or porn/sex addiction relates to more cognitive issues like the inability to delay gratification or function as a mature adult.

Sex therapy is often a parallel process to life in general.  Exploring sex through psychodynamic and interpersonal theoretical lenses offer deeper insight. Insight provides knowledge and knowledge enables sound and respectful decision making in life and in sex.