Sex Therapist in Charlotte, NC

Over 20 Years of Experience in Sexual and Intimacy Issues Therapy

Dr. Scheel is a highly trained and experienced psychotherapist for individuals and couples who are facing sexual issues. She is trained at NYU Medical Langone and is an Associate Member of SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapy & Research).  Dr. Scheel utilizes therapeutic techniques to identify and treat sexual and intimacy issues.


What is Sex therapy?

Sex therapy is a form of talk therapy that addresses the physical, cognitive, relational, emotional, and psycho-social factors influencing one’s sexual experience. No sexual activity or sexual surrogacy is performed during sex therapy. Dr. Scheel is a licensed psychotherapist with extensive and very specialized training in treating clients with sexual concerns. As a sex therapist, she has extensive experience and sexual education leading to an expanded awareness of sexuality that surpasses personal opinions and cultural narratives.

Dr. Scheel has had many years of academic and post-doctoral training and advanced certifications from NY schools and is extremely qualified to treat couples and individuals with a multitude of general and highly specific issues. Dr. Scheel’s fees are reimbursable by insurance for those who have a PPO (out-of-network) provision to their health insurance plan.  Dr. Scheel is licensed in NC, NY and CA.

What Kind of Sexuality Issues Does Dr. Scheel Treat?

Treating individuals and couples for sexuality issues includes sexual problems in women and men such as:

  • Low sex drive in men and women
  • Decreased interest
  • Sexual fears and sexual shame
  • Performance issues
    • Premature ejaculation
    • Inhibitory Erections
    • Erectile dysfunction without physiological or biological cause
  • Inhibition
  • Sex and intimacy issues between couples
  • Porn addiction
  • Post affairs therapy and couples therapy

What Causes Someone to See a Sex Therapist?

Couples are increasingly stressed by work and the impact of culture and social medial. Loss of communication, intimacy and sexual issues, lack of joy, disappointments, and failed expectations contribute to disengagement and loss of attachment in relationships.

Sex is often used as a way to communicate struggles or other issues in life.  For example, the Inability to achieve orgasm may be linked to unconscious guilt or cultural and familial shame about sex.  Sexless relationships often convey dissatisfaction, anger, or dysfunction in other aspects of the relationship.  Porn addiction may be linked to the quest for love or connection in the absence of the ability to form healthy relationships.  Or porn/sex addiction relates to more cognitive issues like the inability to delay gratification or function as a mature adult.

How Does Sex Therapist Dr. Scheel Treat Sexual Issues?

Repairing relationships through insight, mutual empathy and behavioral changes enable couples to move forward in making sound couple decisions and in changing their relational path. To this end, the repair of damaged family and interpersonal relationships is paramount.

An initial phone consultation followed by an in-depth face to face evaluation will help Dr. Scheel learn about your issues and concerns. Depending on your unique situation, Dr. Scheel will focus on your sexual issues and utilize cognitive and behavioral treatment strategies to help you overcome your issues and mend relationships.

If you are experiencing sexual or intimacy issues, contact Dr. Scheel at (914) 602-2557 to schedule an appointment in person in Charlotte, NC.  Dr. Scheel is also available for telehealth sessions.