General Psychotherapy in Charlotte, NC and Mt. Kisco, NY

Understanding motivation, and integrating knowledge and awareness into decisions and choices made in life define Dr. Scheel’s practice.

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychodynamic psychotherapy is the process of understanding the psychological motivations which fuel our behavior, thinking, and feelings.  During psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral treatment is utilized to address self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors.

What Kinds of Issues are Treated Using Psychotherapy?

Dr. Scheel has been treating individuals, couples, and families for more than twenty years and is expertly trained in general mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, relationship, and intimacy issues.

Causes for these issues vary from childhood, family and interpersonal issues, to biological predispositions to anxiety and depression, to sexual and physical trauma, to cultural and/or religious expectations that are in conflict with how the person feels.  Sometimes, the person limits their potential because of fear of risk-taking, fear of failure or success, inability to be happy in life and so makes decisions to keep themselves down.

Symptoms vary from anxiety, depression, self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors like shopaholism, addictions including alcohol and prescription drugs, cutting, porn.

What Can Patients Expect?

Symptoms and self-defeating and destructive behaviors are treated utilizing Cognitive Behavioral techniques.  The goal of ALL treatment is to maintain a safe environment to explore psychological and interpersonal issues underlying conditions.  Dr. Scheel treats every patient with compassion and understanding.  She challenges her patients to commit to rigorous honesty and to show up for routine appointments.  She believes that safety and trust are built over time through her reliable, empathetic, and competent approach.

Mutual respect, empathy, and trust are the cornerstones of healthy relationships and define growth and recovery from many mental health and interpersonal issues. Call (914) 602-2557 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Judy Scheel today.


Sex Therapy

Dr. Scheel also provides psychotherapy for individuals and couples who are facing sexual issues. She is trained at NYU Medical Langone and is an Associate Member of SSTAR (Society for Sex Therapy & Research.)

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Eating Disorder Treatment

Dr. Scheel is highly regarded as an expert in the treatment of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia, Compulsive/Binge Eating Disorder, and their related disorders like sexual trauma and abuse, body dysmorphia, cutting, and Orthorexia.

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