Clinical Social Worker Training

Offering Training and Supervision throughout North Carolina, New York and California

Treating individuals, couples and families require expertise and training.  Psychotherapists in private practice often seek or are required to obtain supervision over their clinical practice.

Dr. Scheel has a multiplicity of training certifications and years of study and experience.  She has wide ranging knowledge about significant and relevant clinical theories including Psychodynamic, including Psychoanalytic and Object Relations Theory, Attachment Theory, Family Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Theory and Motivational Therapy.   These theories have relevance for the practitioner who treats Eating Disorders, Individuals and Couples with Sexual Issues and for general conditions like anxiety and depression, relationship issues and for those seeking insight in to their motivations and emotions.

Dr. Scheel is licensed in North Carolina, New York, and California.  She received training and certification from The National Association of Social Workers (NASW) as a Certified Supervisor.  She provides clinical supervision to clinicians seeking licensure in the states of NC, NY, and CA.  She will be participating in a clinical training program this fall in the provision of supervision based on psychoanalytic theory.

If you are a clinician seeking licensure, call Dr. Scheel today at (914) 602-2557 to arrange supervision.