Dr. Scheel’s Locations

Dr. Scheel sees patients primarily in her Uptown, Charlotte, North Carolina office.  She is in her Westchester County, New York and Manhattan, New York offices monthly and more often as required.

Her office in Los Gatos is primarily used for meeting with clients who are contracted with Dr. Scheel for executive consultation and screening services.   As Dr. Scheel is licensed to practice psychotherapy in California, she can see individuals and couples seeking therapy via video sessions.

Messages can be left at either phone number: (914) 602-2557 or (828) 280-1637

Dr. Scheel’s locations are as follows:

Uptown Charlotte
300 West 5th Street
Charlotte, NC. 28202

Westchester County, New York
91 Smith Avenue
Mount Kisco, NY  10549

Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York
108 East 91 Street
New York, NY  10128

Silicon Valley, California
20 South Santa Cruz Avenue
Los Gatos, CA  95030